The Wildlife Ambassador Program (WAP)

WAP launched in 2018 with the aim to get more community members and law enforcement officers involved in wildlife rescue, and humane human-wildlife conflict resolution. 

WAP’s Mission is to improve wildlife conflict response and reduce poaching, trafficking and trade by providing law enforcement and community with relevant tools and information.

WAP’s Vision is a country where people treat wildlife with respect and dignity, with minimal human-wildlife conflict.


  1. Provide training to governmental and non-governmental personnel on the front lines of wildlife conflict, poaching and trafficking.
  2. Improve response time for reaching and treating wild animals intercepted in wildlife pet trade.
  3. Provide basic knowledge on identification, handling, transport and emergency response of injured wildlife.

WAP 2018 Workshop

2018 Wildlife Ambassador Workshop

The 2018 Wildlife Ambassador workshop was attended by governmental agencies, law enforcement, and community Wildlife Ambassadors. The workshop was funded in part by the World Wildlife Fund Russell E. Train Education for Nature Fund, and the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT).

Wildlife Ambassador Workshop Training Materials & Resources


Pocket Guide Human Wildlife Conflict

Regulated Species

People and Jaguars

Crocodile Talk by CRC


Wildlife Conservation Society Wildlife Crime

BWRC Wildlife Crime, Conflict, & Ambassador Program

BWRC Wildlife Rescue, Capture and Transport

BWRC Zoonosis

Wildlife Ambassador Training Film Coming Soon!














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