BWRC’s Charitable Service in Numbers / 2016
BWRC provides free medical care, rescue and rehabilitation as well as training to the Government of Belize and approved partner organizations. 2016 marked BWRC’s 5th year in operation and each year there’s been increases in wildlife intakes and activities. The total number of wildlife cared for in 2016 was 511 animals. [Download PDF]

BWRC’s Annual Report / 2013
From January 2013 to December 2013, BWRC saw 157 wildlife patients and 284 domestic appointments. BWRC’s x-ray machine was used for 146 X-ray studies and the anesthesia machine logged 73.4 hours of use. Wildlife species intakes ranged from raptors to parrots including Scarlet Macaw chicks in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, to hummingbirds and other avian patients, to mammals including many primates and even reptilian rescues ranging from Green Iguanas to American Crocodile. [Download PDF]

BWRC’s First 8 Months in Numbers / 2012
BWRC opened its doors to the first patients in May of 2012. The official inauguration was on October 19th 2012. One of our core philosophies is total transparency, in an effort to excite no rivalries and encourage cooperation. The following is an overview of the first year’s patients, equipment uses and financials. [Download PDF]

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