See this amazing video of one of our first internationally famous patients with the ultra rare and majestic solitary Eagle (to be uploaded here soon). Note the effort necessary, prior to the dedicated wildlife medical facility, for taking 1 x-ray image.

Despite our best concerted efforts for 8 days, and a brief hope around day 3, when he accepted food once, this patient died. This juvenile eagle had been shot by a farmer on the Hummingbird Highway, captured and stuffed into a rice bag, to finally be driven to the avian rehabilitation center Belize Bird Rescue in Belmopan. He died of internal injuries and slow bleeding complicated by impacts of the stress of capture and transportation.

By some accounts this patient, jointly with Baby “Spartacus” image, that turned into our Logo, helped us win the first prize in the internet voting for the Heska “Inspiration in Action” contest 2011. The grand prize of 25.000 US enabled us to start and equip the first Wildlife Clinic for Belize with x-ray, gas anesthesia and basic capture and safety equipment.

See this personal blog about the first intense days hoping to save this bird.

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