BWRC’s wish list seems never-ending. BWRC continues to write grants for expensive equipment like endoscopy and ultrasound, and we continue to work on sustainable income sources for the clinic to support its non-profit work.

If there’s ANYthing you would like to donate that doesn’t appear on our wish list, please contact us. We continue to supply other wildlife conservation and animal welfare organizations as well as fellow veterinarians in Belize with donations; including supplies like sutures, syringes, and bandage material.

If you represent a Belizean wildlife or animal welfare organization and have a wish list, please contact us also, so we can share your wish list with donors.

We have sorted the current BWRC wish list for the clinic by different categories to make it easier to navigate.  In this list you will find $5 items next to $10,000 items. You will also see some items listed that we continuously use or pass on to other organizations. A few highlighted items are the items that we have already sourced thanks to the Heska grant or generous donations from Belize or the US. Thank you for helping us with any of the following items:

  • 4×4 vehicle
  • Outdoor caging for hospitalized wildlife

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