The Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic’s (BWRC) goal is to support Wildlife Conservation. Please see our basic price list below and take note that BWRC has different charges for different types of patients. BWRC sees rescued (injured, orphaned or confiscated) government owned wildlife, wildlife in conservation projects, as well as privately owned captive wildlife and domestic animals. In order to support its conservation goals, depending on the status of ownership and destination of the patient animal, BWRC applies the following price structure.

Price Structure:

  • Rescued wildlife are provided free medical care.
  • Wildlife in government approved rescue and rehab facilities are provided free medical care.
  • Privately owned captive wildlife and domestic animals pay full price.

Veterinary Price List:

  • Consultation for domestic and privately owned wildlife patients: $50
  • Consultation for privately owned wildlife patients for government permit applications: $25
  • X-ray study: $50
  • Female dog spay: $250-300
  • Female cat spay: $125-150
  • Dog neuter: $100-125
  • Cat neuter: $50-75
  • Rabies vaccine: $20
  • 5 in 1 dog vaccine: $25
  • Fecal analysis: $10 per sample
  • De-wormers: $5 – 15
  • Ectoparasite treatment: $10

*All Prices are in Belize Dollars. Prices are subject to change based on individual cases, and may be revised without notice. Please contact us ask for an estimate.

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