Forest Department of Belize. BWRC operates under a 5 year MOU with the Forest Department of Belize; renewed in 2015.



Regular Iguana washing conducted by BWRC's staff, interns and students.San Ignacio Hotel’s Green Iguana Project. BWRC provides the primary medical care, and a host of other consulting services to the project Director Mariam Roberson.



JagChelseaThe Belize Zoo, “the best little zoo in the world” is a regular stop for BWRC students and interns where their excellent staff provide students with an unforgettable experience including close-up encounters with some of Belize’s most charismatic species.


Baby Howler Monkey spotted by BWRC intern Chelsea Canon at CBS.Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) in Bermudian Landing is a conservation highlight for BWRC students. A grassroots local organization founded and operated by locals in the Belize River Valley, CBS is a pillar of community-based conservation. In addition to Black Yucatan Howler Monkey biology, students are introduced to tropical ecology, native plants and animals, and local bush medicine.


Student group arriving at ARCAS by boat on Lake Peten, GuatemalaARCAS Guatemala is the national Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation center for Guatemala. Founded and operated by locals, ARCAS is a pioneer in regional Wildlife advocacy. Dr. Alejandro Morales provides front line veterinary care and manages ARCAS’ volunteer program. BWRC interns have the option to spend part of their internship at ARCAS.


SeaturtleThe Belize Audubon Society (BAS)is an important managing NGO for seven critical protected areas, both Marine and Terrestrial. BWRC staff provides BAS field staff in wildlife rescue. BWRC interns and students have the opportunity to visit several BAS managed sites while in Belize, including Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and the fabled Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Reserve.


West Indian Manatee bottle fed by Wildtracks volunteer, photo by Nicki Rosenhagen, BWRC Teaching Assistant.Wildtracks is a West Indian Manatee and Black Yucatan Howler Monkey rescue and rehabilitation center located in Sarteneja. Paul and Zoe Walker, the Resident Biologist Founders, have dedicated their careers and lives to their passion. Wildtracks offers excellent volunteer opportunities. BWRC students and interns may have the opportunity to visit Wildtracks for an informative, and in some cases, hands-on experience.
Summer 2012 interns Chelsea and Vivian volunteered with ACESACES crocodile sanctuary is a highlight for BWRC students and volunteers. Located on la Isla Bonita, San Pedro, ACES is on the front lines of human-wildlife conflict, where humans have encroached into American Crocodile habitat. BWRC students and interns often have the opportunity to conduct crocodile monitoring and research during night spotting tours, and in some cases may stay on to participate in rescue and relocation.
Funzel logoFUNZEL is the Zoological Foundation in El Salvador, an entity engaged in conservation, research, education and providing veterinary care for wildlife. FUNZEL is the only wildlife rescue center in El Salvador, and it offers voluteer and academic experiences for students.


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